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Our Carpet Cleaning Machine:

The Legend GT made by Pro-chem is the perfect cleaning unit for commercial carpet cleaning and water restoration work. This machine offers more horsepower, improved heat, powerful vacuum suction, and a simplified design. The simply control panel makes it easy to operate and easy to use. The front end and side hoods can be are removed easily for repair and If maintenance. For a powerful unit that will get the job done, the Pro-chem Legend GT is the one!

Our Tile & Grout Machine:

We use a Turbo-force Hybrid which is an exceptional cleaning machine we can rely on. If you are looking for a first class job done right, this is the right tool for your tile and grout! It features a full range swivel hook up with a unique comfort grip and non slip handle. The body is a slick stainless steel. The vacuum compensator will adapt to any kind of surface area automatically. This machine has an extra low profile swivel with a fiber re-enforced covering that delivers excellent durability and chemical resistance. This delivers a long life boot for hard floors and features brush accessory for polished stone. The Turbo-force Hybrid will Move in any direction and operates on uneven tile and stone surface types, it even works well on concrete too.

Carpet Cleaning Product: Power Strike

This is a Radical super-strength pre-conditioner that puts more cleaning power on the carpet to remove the heavy soils FAST! It's high-solvent, alkaline formula tackles the extreme grease and grime build up without extended dwell time.

Sanitizer / Deodorizer: MILBAN 1 2 3

Milban is a new solution that treats mold and mildew growth on carpets, padding, sub floors, frame lumber,dry wall, and tackles strips. The Milban 1 2 3 is what we use with the restoration of category 1, 2 and 3 flooding. It Kills mold, mildew and odor that cause bacteria. The Milban 1 2 3 is also used for water and smoke damage restoration. This is an EPA registered product.

Pre-treatment: Stark Flex with Citrus Solvent

Stark Flex with Citrus Solvent was designed to be a safe product to use in residential homes. This product will wrestle away the toughest soils, greases, and oil in your carpet. This product is not harsh or caustic and is gentle on your carpet. Flex's surfactants include alkaline builders and boosters that work together to provide the toughest cleaner available. This product begins to work the second it makes contact with your carpet suspending and emulsifying even the most stubborn stains. Flex is a free rinsing product which means it can be completely rinsed from your carpet without leaving any residue. There are many low budget pre-cleaners on the market that are derived from laundry formulations, these can be highly corrosive, you can feel at ease know we use a high quality product that will not harm your carpet!

Tile & Grout Cleaner: Viper Venom

This product we use is a high alkaline, solvent with a fortified chemical to deal with the heavy soils that build up on hard surfaces. Viper Venom is an original tile and grout cleaner that will remove years of built up dirt, grease, and stains from your surfaces. In fact, the dirt will start to lift out of the grout even before we begin using our machine. Viper Venom is also very effective for general cleaning on floors, walls, porcelain, chrome, and other general hard and surfactants, Viper Venom is also ideally suited for fire restoration. Viper Venom is the industry’s #1 selling tile & grout cleaner and will get the job done for you.