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Water Damage Restoration Phoenix

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Water Damage Service & tips

Water can quickly cause severe damage to your home or business. When a storm comes through or a water pipe bursts, even a small amount of standing water can stain your upholstery, warp wood floors, cabinets, furniture, destroy drywall and rust metal in just a few hours. Not to mention, water can also cause hazards like mold and mildew or short out wiring which could cause electrocution or fires Thankfully, Sunshine Carpet knows a thing or two about water, the damage it can cause, and the best way to tackle this problem head on. Our Rapid-Response Team will painstakingly correct and prevent any water damage using:

  • • Extract all water from flooded areas
  • • Monitor the humidity levels in the flooded area and document it
  • • Complete all Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • • Advise you on any furniture or electronics damage that will need restoration.
  • • Advise you on all activities we take every step of the way.

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • • You should remove all loose cushions from your furniture. Set them on a clean sheet so they can dry more evenly.
  • • Unplug all radios, TVs, computers and electrical appliances while standing on wet floors or carpets, especially concrete or tile floors.
  • • Avoid any rooms that show sagging ceilings from water build up. Do not use any ceiling fans or fixtures if walls or ceiling is wet.